The Super Power of Empathy with Darren Jxn

Darren Jxn joins the show this week with a genuinely unique path.

He is a co-founder of Create a Loop, an organization that teaches kids to code. Darren is also the co-founder and CEO of All Black Creatives, a community, and agency celebrating black artists and helping brands celebrate with them. On the show, he shares with us about empowering people through leadership, protesting, celebration, and tension between creativity and computer science. We also discuss his vision for the future of designers and organization's belief that black is the future. What stood out most is the community around his organization and their superpower: empathy.

What are we reading?

Each episode of season two highlights a book that has been impactful to the folks around our show. This week's book is Creativity, Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the Way of True Inspiration. Specifically, we dive into contributor Ed Catmull's thoughts on the Brain Trust he facilitates at Pixar.

Author Bio

Darren Jxn

Darren is the CEO of All Black Creatives, a community and agency. Career Path: Solopreneur to Fortune Company Partnerships