Leave it Behind

Jeff Bartsch built his career in Hollywood as a television editor, producer, and voiceover artist. His editing background includes work for ABC, NBC, Universal, Disney, Apple, and many others.


Candy Washington is an actress, blogger, on-camera host, social media influencer, and the founder, of Actress with Style.

Common Good

Léonce B. Crump Jr. explores the messy tensions of leading a diverse group toward a vision of unity.

Upper Limit

What is the upper limit on a human being? Jeremy joins us to discuss this question and many others.

Move Towards Love

What really matters in life? When you are 85 and sitting in your rocking chair, what will you be thinking about?...

Starting an Underwear Company

How do you find people that are both talented and excited about what they do?

Tavon Brooks joins Friendsgiving 2020

Tavon joins us to share about The New Society, a creative mentorship, and the impact it is making on the community.

Micah Yost joins Friendsgiving 2020

Micah joins us to share about his recent transitions as well as gifts he has created anually for his brothers.

Laura Tromben joins Friendsgiving 2020

Laura to joins us to share about her heritage, career journey, and current adventures.

Darnell J. Brown joins Friendsgiving 2020

A third-generation foster parent helping make more secure futures for vulnerable children.

Daniel Fitzpatrick joins Friendsgiving 2020

Daniel joins us to update us on his adventures since being our first guest and play his new single.

New Venture with Keina Newell

Keina is a learner, teacher, girl boss, and all-around fantastic person.

Succeed Outside Yourself with Jeff Pawlow

Jeff Pawlow joins us and shares the importance of building your organization to succeed outside of yourself.

The Super Power of Empathy with Darren Jxn

Darren shares shares about empowering people through leadership, protesting, celebration, and tension between creativity and computer science.

Giving Back with Sheila Burkett

Sheila Burkett is the Founder and CEO at a successful St. Louis interactive agency, an advocate for women in technology, and a dynamic networker.

Motivation Code with Todd Henry

Todd Henry, a five-time contributor and founder of The Accidental Creative, The Motivation Code.

Vince Mahtani

Vince shares his story of success, failure, and showing up to be the best human he can be.

Half-million Dollar Education with Sean Walsh

Sean joins us to discuss his half-million dollar education in human centered design and what a more prosperous St. Louis looks like in years to come.

Coffee Break with Liz Hunt

Liz Hunt joins us to share her journey from solo practitioner to girl boss...

Josh Dix

Josh shares his journey in prototyping, wisdom to new graduates, and leadership thoughts to whether the COVID storm...

Press Record with Daniel Fitzpatrick II

Daniel Fitzpatrick II shares his story of starting a band, creating music, and serving his family.