Clear Air Waves

GeNella McCrary is a content creator, technologist, and cosmetologist. She has also made a recent career transition from radio to tech.

Darnell J. Brown joins Friendsgiving 2020

A third-generation foster parent helping make more secure futures for vulnerable children.

Here's to the Crazy Ones with Tyler Huckabee

Tyler shares about his service of people who feel crazy, creating meaningful space in a digital world, and three filters that guide is creating.

The Super Power of Empathy with Darren Jxn

Darren shares shares about empowering people through leadership, protesting, celebration, and tension between creativity and computer science.

All About Love with Courntey Orlando

How do you follow up from a Grammy? That’s the question we pose to our first guest of Catch Fire Show: Season Two, Courtney Orlando. The answer may not be what you expect.

Jazz Justice and Leadership with Kelvin Walker

Kelvin Walker joins the show to contribute wisdom and perspective on racial justice in America.

Press Record with Daniel Fitzpatrick II

Daniel Fitzpatrick II shares his story of starting a band, creating music, and serving his family.