Clear Air Waves

GeNella McCrary is a content creator, technologist, and cosmetologist. She has also made a recent career transition from radio to tech.

Starting an Underwear Company

How do you find people that are both talented and excited about what they do?

Your Next Adventure

Graduating soon? Spend time learning about your next adventure.

New Venture with Keina Newell

Keina is a learner, teacher, girl boss, and all-around fantastic person.

First jobs, Design, and Craftsmanship

David is a partner and creative director at Phoenix Creative Co. in St. Louis, Missouri.

Half-million Dollar Education with Sean Walsh

Sean joins us to discuss his half-million dollar education in human centered design and what a more prosperous St. Louis looks like in years to come.

Jon Robinson

Jon Robinson joins the show to talk teaming and collaberation. He is a user experience consultant, creative director, design educator...

Coffee Break with Liz Hunt

Liz Hunt joins us to share her journey from solo practitioner to girl boss...

Josh Dix, Bonus

A portion of our conversation with Josh that encourages recent graduates.

Josh Dix

Josh shares his journey in prototyping, wisdom to new graduates, and leadership thoughts to whether the COVID storm...

Getting Real with Darla Ahlert

Darla tell her story about choosing software development, how she has setup her prototype currently around consulting, and how she is growing and learning with her teams to pursue culture, brilliance, and equity.

Press Record with Daniel Fitzpatrick II

Daniel Fitzpatrick II shares his story of starting a band, creating music, and serving his family.