Out on a Limb

Theresa Link is an experienced registered dietitian and diabetes educator with a demonstrated history of working in hospital, clinic, and startup health tech industries.

Storytelling with Data

Becky Gandillon is a Data & Analytics Consultant with an engineering background and extensive experience in the healthcare industry.

How do you keep focused and motivated living in a different culture?

How do you keep focused and motivated living in a different culture?

Passion for Learning

Kanika Sharma is the Tech Lead for the Modern Software Practice at 1904labs. She puts her heart and soul into her work, as it has been her passion since high school.

Clear Air Waves

GeNella McCrary is a content creator, technologist, and cosmetologist. She has also made a recent career transition from radio to tech.

Making it Up as We Go

Beth Laing joins us to talk about her success in the Software Engineering space after a successful career pivot from journalism.

Kate Vermann joins Friendsgiving 2020

Kate joins us to share how her mindset and preparation as a professional athlete translates to business.

Jocelyn Matsuo joins Friendsgiving 2020

Jocelyn joins us to talk about how she uses her training in acting as a software engineer.

Giving Back with Sheila Burkett

Sheila Burkett is the Founder and CEO at a successful St. Louis interactive agency, an advocate for women in technology, and a dynamic networker.

Half-million Dollar Education with Sean Walsh

Sean joins us to discuss his half-million dollar education in human centered design and what a more prosperous St. Louis looks like in years to come.

Jon Robinson

Jon Robinson joins the show to talk teaming and collaberation. He is a user experience consultant, creative director, design educator...

Getting Real with Darla Ahlert

Darla tell her story about choosing software development, how she has setup her prototype currently around consulting, and how she is growing and learning with her teams to pursue culture, brilliance, and equity.