Your Next Adventure

Are you graduating soon? If so, what comes next is unscripted. It is up to you!

You have the potential to set your course. Join us in believing that. Whatever comes next is a course you influence. Take a moment to dream. Set aside your circumstances, your place, or your income, and imagine for a moment.

Our goal at the Catch Fire Show is to show you what’s possible. Your story will be uniquely yours. Let’s dive in and explore together.

Finding Opportunities

"Once there's motion, once you're in front of people, opportunity does present itself. It might not be the opportunity you think you want, but it will, something will happen again."

David Dolak

Showing Up

"Find what you're gifted in and just show up. How can you show up?"

Vince Mahtani

Finding Community

"The best way to build community period is mentorship. There are three types of mentors that you have to have in order to be successful..."

Darren Jxn

What motivates you?

"And so once we understand how we're wired, what it is that drives us, where we get our motivational energy, we can begin to structure our lives and our days and our interactions in a way that activates that motivational energy and we bring our motivation to our tasks instead of waiting for our tasks to motivate us."

Todd Henry

Pandemic Theme: Anxitey

"Everything's coming at us so fast right now. How do structure our lives to ensure that we have the space... to bring our best work to the table every day."

Todd Henry


"There's always been uncertainty. You could have been, starting your career off in the mid eighties when everything was booming and there was still uncertainty."

David Dolak

Working Hard

"The world, the universe, God, divine, whoever—- I think honors, when you go in and you work hard to work hard."

Vince Mahtani

Passion for your Job

"One of the myths that we have in our society is that we wait to find tasks that we think we're going to enjoy all day. And that's what the perfect job is. And I don't believe that's true. I think the perfect job is the job that enables you to achieve the outcome you desire, even if you don't love all the tasks that you have to do all day."

Todd Henry