Keina Newell
Teacher to Financial Coach


Keina Newell

Founder of Wealth Over Now and Financial Coach
Washington D.C., USA

Keina works with passionate and hardworking single women who need help creating clear financial goals so that they can save more, pay off debt, and stress less about money.

Keina started Wealth Over Now because her role as a financial coach is the perfect intersection of passion and purpose. She wants to bring about generational change, and I truly believe that helping individuals build wealth and change their relationship with money will impact generations. Keina imagines the relationships that will change because finances will no longer keep you up at night.

She imagines the generational shifts that will come because you’ll feel empowered to teach others what you’ve learned. And Keina imagines you building up a community because you’ll be able to share how you’re achieving your money goals.


who / Hardworking single women

how / Financial Coach

skills used / Adaptability Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Business development Economics Coaching Social Media