Simon Yost
Theater to Software to Podcasting


Simon Yost

Host of Catch Fire Show
St. Louis, MO, USA

Nine thousand dollars. That is how much I made, in whole, the year after graduating from college. After spending 8+ years (since middle school) training for my dream: live lighting, sound, and video production, I needed to give up my dream and pivot for any hope of supporting my wellbeing.

A decade later, my income began to exceed six figures. Looking back, I see a pattern to my pivots. Successful pivots align three things:

  • Who I want to serve
  • How I wish to serve
  • What skills/resources I need to help those people in that way

Above is a receipt that you can practice to scale your income even faster than I did. Additionally, it became clear to me that the recipe will include different flavors each time. So, I started Catch Fire Show to profile many people like myself, grounded in purpose and sharing it with folks through various career formats.

Now I’m working on a new dream of which you are a part: to help others:

  • Find their who/how/what and
  • Gain skills to serve without the university price tag.

Catch Fire Show is not complete with you! I look forward to you joining the conversation.